Friday, October 10, 2008

Friday, October 10, 2008 JACKSON's BIRTHDAY

Hello all. Yet another week under our belts. We hope everyone is doing well. Today is Jackson's 7th birthday and as you can see from the pics above, we had a little party for him.
He was very excited and I think he is going to turn it into a weekend long celebration.
Houston has wrapped up his exams and report cards come out soon. He says that he did well and I am sure that he did.
Zander is having a good week. He has been a little blocked up so we have had to utilize enemas and now Senakot Syrup (per Dr. Kelley). Zander has a few more doctor's appointments coming up next week. I will have to consult the calendar to see which doctors he will see next week. We have been able to get him out of the house for walks this week and he seems to enjoy them. For now, he is just a wiggly happy little guy. Zander is now resting. I guess he is getting ready for football on Saturday.
Christie and I are doing well, but tired. Christie has been a trooper this week and I know taking care of everything around here, while I am at work, takes a lot out of her. I know she enjoys it, bue she does not let on that she is tired.
Please keep Ethan, Raymond Powell (and family) and everyone in your prayers. Please also keep a friend of ours in your prayers. He is in Little Rock, Arkansas getting treatment for cancer (which involves stem cell transplantation) and it appears things are going well.
Thanks as always for the prayers, comments and encouraging words. I can't forget the food from SMMHS teachers and staff. We thank each of you very much and I especially want to thank each of you for keeping my wife and family in your thoughts. I know what each of you have on your plates on a daily basis and I am truly thankful for your generosity to my family and friendship to my wife.
I will write again soon. Until then,
Rest easy boys...keep moving along...we love you.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Monday, October 6, 2008 in the Evening

Good Evening all. Just a quick post tonight. We hope everyone is doing well. We had a great weekend and Zander, Houston and I watch football together on Saturday. Notice Zander has the remote next to him.
We are still praying for intervention into Zander's hearing issue. The boys are well and Houston is in the middle of exams this week. Christie is doing well and it appears that it will be another hectic week.
I will post again soon. I have to get the boys bathed and in bed. Thanks for coming down today Grandma Judi. It was good to see you.
Please keep Zander, Ethan and Raymond Powell in your prayers. Thanks as always for the comments, encouraging words and prayers.
Rest easy boys. Keep moving along.
We love you.