Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tuesday, October 14, 2008 in the Evening

Good evening all. So sorry for my delay in writing, but we have been otherwise occupied with Zman and life in general over the weekend. Houston and Jackson had a great weekend with their Dad and Christie and I had a restful weekend with Zander until about 4:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.
Ashley, Zander's night nurse woke us early Sunday morning. Zander was bleeding from his nose, mouth and trach. We quickly readied ourselves and whisked the little guy off to the ER. On our way he had an outpouring of the red stuff and we proceeded to accelerate our arrival at the ER.
After being in the ER for a few hours and Zander receiving a breathing treatment that assisted in closing the capillaries in his nose, throat and lungs. Dr. Ledbetter (pulmonologist) came in to see the little guy. We felt so bad that we pulled him in from church, but Dr. Ledbetter said we did not need to worry about it. We are fortunate to have him as one of Zander's doctors.
In any event, we were admitted to the hospital and Dr. Harvey (Dr. St Charles partner, an ENT) scoped the nose, the mouth and the lungs/trach on Monday. We are happy that he did not find anything, but at the same time concerned that he did not find anything. While performing the procedure he did enlarge the left nostril/cavity, but told us that Zander will need surgery to correct and expand the nasal cavity and to correct the cohanal stenois in his nose/sinuses.
We were discharged late yesterday and Zander has been just fine since then. There have been no signs of blood at all since coming home. Dr. Harvey and Dr. Ledbetter both said that he may have had an infection that came to a head, so he is now on a new antibiotic. He does not agree with Demoral (sp?) a pain killing medicine that was given to him during or soon after surgery. While the Zman was coming down off the medicine he thrashed around and acted violently. Chrisite and I found it amusing a first, but soon realized that he may be allergic to it.
At this point, Christie and I are trying to catch up on sleep. She got little if any sleep while at the hospital. I came home Sunday night (there is no room at all in the rooms) and tried to sleep, but those efforts did not produce much sleep at all. We are happy and thankful that everything went well. Zander did just fine on his 69 night in the hospital. Before being discharged, Zander had visitors from church.
Machelle and Abby Hall came by to visit today and the above picture is of Zander and Abby. She has been praying for Zander everyday for several months. Zander enjoyed his visit with her and it was good for Christie to see Machelle and catch up.
Thanks to all for the prayers, comments and concerns for our baby and family. We will keep you posted. Please keep Raymond Powell, Ethan and Zander in your prayers. We are blessed. God is still in control and we are thankful for each breath he gives us.
Rest easy boys. Sleep tight Zander. We love you all.