Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008 in the Evening

Good evening all. We hope that everyone is having a great week. Fall is definitely in the air and the weather is wonderful. This time of year in East-Tennessee is beautiful. Above are pictures of the Zman during physical therapy. The first one of him is his way of saying "your hurting me". The second one is of him saying "I'm going to the bathroom" and the third one is of him saying "Look, I'm a big boy!"
Jackson and Houston are at Jackson's soccer practice tonight. This is the last practice of the year and the last game will be this weekend. School is going well for both of them and they have been a great help around the house in recent days. School pictures for Jackson are tomorrow so I am sure that we will have to get up a little early to make sure everything is copacetic with his hair in the morning.
Zander saw Dr. Devoid (his GI doctor) yesterday. Great news. His liver enzymes are where they need to be and he no longer has to take medicine for the cholestasis (jaundice). More importantly, Christie learned how to take out the feeding tube and place a new one in. According to Christie, the doctor took it out and dropped it on the table and said "Okay put it back in." Neither she or I have taken the feeding (G-tube) out and changed it before so after she overcame the abruptness of it being out, she was able to successfully pull it out. Lastly, Dr. Devoid said that he no longer needs to see Zander!!!!Yeah! One doctor down 12, 13 or maybe 10 to go.
Zander also had his esophagus dilated today by Dr. Kelley. We were at the hospital today at 6:00 a.m.; however, we were not released until this afternoon. Dr. Kelley said the esophagus was significantly restricted, but this was to be expected. The procedure went well and Zander has slept for the most part since then. We will see Dr. Kelley again in three weeks for another dilation.
We have heard from Ethan's parents. His is currently about 12 pounds and is doing great. They did go to the transplant specialist in Cincinnati, and thank God, they have been approved for the transplant program. We are so happy for them and it was good to hear from them. We will keep you posted on Ethan's progress.
Tomorrow, we go to see Dr. St. Charles, Zander's ENT doc. We pray tomorrow goes as well as the past two days. We pray specifically for good news regarding Zander's cohanal atresia and hearing issues. We know that Dr. St. Charles is a great doctor and we hope (and pray) that Zander will be able to hear soon.
Please keep Raymond Powell, Ethan and Dr. Ted in your prayers. Thanks to everyone for the comments. It has been hectic and these kind words keep Christie and I going each day.
I will write again soon. Love to all,
Until then,
We love you boys. Sleep tight. Smile big tomorrow Jackson. Keep moving along Zander.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008 in the Evening

Good evening all. I hope that everyone is well rested. Sorry for my delay in posting, but we have been busy this past week with Fall Break and just life in general.
Houston and Jackson had a restful Fall Break. Grandma Pat took Christie, Houston and Jackson on the new River Valley Gorge ride, a new boat excursion through the Tennessee Aquarium over Fall break and above are some of the pictures from their adventure.
Zander is doing well. This past week, he discovered his tongue. It has been going non-stop since then. Think Michael Jordan. He is really starting to wiggle around a lot and he is noticing every aspect of what is going on around him.
Starting tomorrow, Zander has doctors and therapists appointments all week. Tomorrow he will see his GI doctor and attend physical therapy. Tuesday he sees Dr. Kelley for another dilation and overall check-up. Wednesday, Zander is going to see Dr. St. Charles, his ENT. Christie will be on the run for most of the week, so please keep her and Zander in your prayers as we should find out quite a bit with this week's appointments. Hopefully we will learn more about the hearing issue from Dr. St. Charles on Wednesday.
We remain prayerful for Zander's health and medical care. We have not heard from Ethan, but trust that he is doing well. Please keep him, Raymond Powell and our doctor friend in Little Rock in your prayers. Get well Ted.
Christie and I are tired, but doing well. We have had a few hiccups this week with insurance and nursing issues, but we know that God will take care of it all.
Thanks as always for the prayers, comments and encouraging words. They mean the world to us and we read and re-read them often. I will write again soon. For now,
Sweet dreams boys. We love all three of you. Keep moving along Zman.