Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday, October 3, 2008 in the Evening

TGIF everyone. We hope everyone has big plans for the weekend. Jackson has a soccer game tomorrow and it appears that Houston and I will be watching a little football with the Zman tomorrow.
Zander has been busy the past few days. He has been out in the neighborhood the past few days and we took him on a long walk this afternoon. Earlier today, he visited with Dr. Ledbetter, his pulmonologist. Dr. Ledbetter said that everything looked good and he actually discontinued the use of the apnea monitor. Yeah!!!!! That is one less monitor that he is on. The only monitor that he is on now is the SAT monitor which measures the oxygen saturation in his blood. Better yet, he only has to be on it at night as long as we keep a close watch on him. Of course the nurses are keeping a close watch as well.
Zander also went to physical therapy today and it went well. We did get some bad news today after he had a more complete hearing test. At this point, it does not appear that he is hearing anything. The audiogram was not an all inclusive test and Christie and I are still praying that the coanal stenosis (narrow nasal and sinus cavity on the left) is a significant factor in his lack of hearing, but I am worried about his lack of hearing at this point. The audiologist has referred us to his ENT (who we see in about two weeks) and hopefully he will give us better news in this regard. Each day with the boys, including Zander is a blessing, but I am down on the hearing issue at this point. I know that whatever the outcome, it will be okay, but the little guy has overcome so much just is frustrating.
Chrisite and I have decided that Zander will be more mobile with us around the house. He has now been home for two weeks and since he does not have as many monitors anymore, he is going to be with us where we are in and around the house. If we watch the game downstairs, Zander will be there. If we are on the porch, he will be there. He has essentially been in his room for the past two weeks and now is the time to include him in family activities. In fact, he watched the nightly news with us tonight before the nurses' shift change.
Thanks again to everyone for the comments, prayers and encouraging words. Please keep Raymond Powell and Ethan in your prayers. I did hear from Ethan's mom and they are headed to Cincinnati this weekend, so please bathe them in prayer as they meet with the specialist for Ethan. We will keep praying for them and also for Zander's many issues including his hearing. Let us know if we can pray or help any of you in any way.
Godspeed Ethan. We hope you have a safe trip and a good visit with the specialist.
I will write again soon.
Rest easy boys...Play hard tomorrow Jackson. Keep moving along Zman. We love each of you.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wednesday, October 1, 2008 in the Evening

Good evening all! Sorry for my delay in writing, but it has been a hectic week. The boys are doing well and the Zman is resting comfortably tonight.
It has been great weather here and as the pictures above show, the family has been doing some walking throughout the neighborhood taking in the colors and changes that come with the season.
Houston and Jackson are enjoying school. Zander is enjoying his naps and formula. We have 3 doctors appointments over the next two days. Zander sees the endocrinologist, his pulmonologist and one other specialist this week. There are so many, I have trouble keeping up.
Christie and I are doing well. Aunt Christy and Jessie came to visit yesterday. Grandma Pat and Mrs. Serre also stopped in today for tea with the little one. Karen from church came by to see Zander and Christie today. Karen is the children's minister at RBBC and she has been an uplifting spirit for all of us. Thanks Karen for everything.
We hope everyone is doing well. Zander was asking about Ethan earlier and we have not heard from him, but hope all is well. Thanks to everyone for the food, especially the teachers and staff at SMMHS. The delivery girl (Robbin) needs a raise and I know our tips have not compensated her enough. Zander also wanted to give a shout out to all his nurses in the NICU. He said he misses each of you, but he is glad to be at home. You can come see him anytime.
Please keep the Powell family, especially Raymond in your prayers. He is going through radiation and chemo at present and our prayers are with him and his family. God is in control and we are confident that His grace will pull you through Raymond. Thanks for all the comments and prayers....we are truly blessed.
Rest easy boys......keep moving along. We love you all.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008 in the Afternoon

Hello Everyone! I have been watching football all weekend with my Dad. Man, I did not know that it takes so much out of you. That is why most of the pictures are of me sleeping. Sorry to hear about the Gators, the Bulldogs and the Vols. My dad is trying to get me to pull for the Auburn tigers or the Alabama Crimson Tide. I have not decided which one I will go with I guess it depends on which one sends me the most formula and diapers. I am holding out for the best offer.
On Friday, I went to the hospital for a 30 minute procedure, but they kept me there for 24 hours. Apparently, the doctor that gives me the medicine to make me go to sleep for surgery said that since I was on an apnea monitor, I had to be admitted for observation. My procedure went well and I have been home since Saturday morning.
Mommy, Daddy and I just got back from a walk around the neighborhood. I like being outside and seeing all the interesting things around the house. My brothers should be home soon, so I am going to take a nap and get rested for them. I heard my brother Jackson played a really good soccer game yesterday. He may have to teach me how to play when I get older.
I have more doctors appointments later this week. I will write again before then, but please say hello to everyone and keep writing to me. I do not have an email account yet, but I think my dad might get me a cell phone soon (just kidding).
Thanks for praying for me and my family. They are doing a good job taking care of me as are my nurses. Please send me a line and thanks for the comments and encouraging words. Please also pray for Ethan and my Dad's friend Raymond and he is starting Chemo or Radiation treatment this week.
I will keep moving along. Tell my brothers that I love them. I will say my prayers.
Zander (Typist, Clancy)