Tuesday, August 19, 2008

August 19, 2008 in the Evening

Hello all. I hope every had a good Tuesday. Well, I never thought I would be proud to say that one of my boys is "on the bottle", but the great news is that Zander is partially feeding from the bottle! He has fed twice from the bottle at this point (not counting tonight's feedings) and he is taking about 15 ml or 1/3 of each feeding from the bottle. YEAH! The nurses say that it will take time for his mouth and jaws to get use to sucking, but the hospital staff is well pleased overall with his efforts thus far.
Zander is still on 45 ml every three hours. Whatever he cannot get from the bottle, they are placing in through the G-tube. The thickness of the milk is about that of a smoothie (they are thickening it) so I am sure it takes an extra effort on Zander's part to get the 15 ml.
The chest tube has been removed so he only has 2 tubes at this point, the G-tube and the central line for liquids.
He is going to the bathroom well and his weight is about the same (9 lbs 4 ounces). He is breathing well and his oxygen saturation fluctuates when his trach becomes clogged, but for the most part his levels are perfect when he is sleeping. The trach becomes clogged after feeding due to the reflux.
No word yet from Dr. Kelley on the plan of action. We assume that he will talk with us this week. At this point in time, I am sure he is wanting Zander to eat as much as possible orally. We should know more later in the week.
Everyone is tired, but well here. School is in full swing. Jackson and Houston are having a great time. Christie (and all teachers in general) are over worked and under paid, but she and I were elated to hear the news about the bottle. We just arrived home from the hospital and the pictures above show the Zman in action. Jackson has scraped his leg (minor) and it appears that I might have to amputate if he does not get any relief.
Our prayers are still with Ethan. We also pray for a friend that is dealing with an ailing grandmother in the hospital at East Ridge Hospital here in Chattanooga. We pray for her comfort and the comfort of her family during this difficult time.
Thanks all around for the prayers and continued prayers and comments.
I will write again tomorrow. Jackson has soccer practice so it may be later in the evening. Sweet dreams boys. Drink well Zander....we love all three of you dearly. Life is good and God is great!


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news about Zander drinking from the bottle. I can't wait to see that first family picture at home.
Sorry to hear that Jackson hurt his leg, I believe a big hot fudge sunda will make him feel better.
Zander looks great and I believe that he is on his a great path if he could just show Ethan how to get on that path too.
Much love and Extra strenght to Christie.
Love Jill

Tammy said...

Yea God!!! Great news! We will continue to pray.
The Hildebrands

Heidi said...

Excellent news about Zander and so sorry about Jackson's leg--:-) It sounds as if you are all getting along well--continue to take care of yourselves and each other.
Aunt Heidi and family

Christine said...

What a little cutie and miracle! Love seeing the sweet pictures of him and I love the fourth one of him cooing (in my mind that is what it looks like!) Take care... God is faithful!

Christine Haga

Dave said...

He looks like he is smiling!! How awesome is that. You are all still in our prayers. God is sooo good!! That smile made my day!
Take care ! God Bless.

Dave Mullis

Anonymous said...

This is the best news I have had all day!!! I am so happy for you all --- that is as long as Jackson's leg is still intact ;-)!!
We love you all !! And Clarence is right ... Life is Good and God is Great!!
Love and Hugs, Bob, Beth & Braeden

Anonymous said...

Well, other than the amputation, it sounds like the signal mountain boys are doing fine! We will continue to pray and look to the Lord for the blessings of this another day under His grace!

"This is the day the Lord has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalm 118:24

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the bottle. As I have said before God is showing up and showing off! Thanks for the updates. Jackson to just shake it off.....We dont want him to loose his leg!haha

I love you guys,
Aunt Christy

Grandpa Bill said...

Fantastic! Hopefully he is grabbing that bottle with his
southpaw.I can't wait to come next
Friday. Grandpa Bill, swimming around in Jax and Fernandina Beach, Quack! Quack!

Anonymous said...

im no expert but it looks like the z-man is doin great but ill keep praying GROOVY from Micah