Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday, August 18, 2008 in the Evening

As my former high school baseball coach always said, "somedays you win, somedays you lose and somedays it rains." Well today, Zander won! The connection site of the esophagus has no leaks whatsoever. I never thought that the words, no leakage at all would make me cry (not at least until I am in my elder years), but those were the best two words I heard all day. God, as always showed up today and the prayers and concerns of all were heard.
As you can see above, he no longer has the tube through his nostril and it appears that Dr. Kelley will be removing the chest tube at some point this evening. The only two tubes that he will have left, assuming all goes well, will be the G-tube (for feeding) and the central line (for continued TPN/IV liquids).
Tonight, Dr. Kelley and the neonatologist will also discuss Zander's feeding. Hopefully he will be able to begin oral feedings on a limited basis in the coming days. We will know more tomorrow.
At this point, Zander still has excessive reflux, so the plan of attack and any timelines are still up in the air. He rested well today and he still eats well, but, we will wait to see what Dr. Kelley suggests tonight.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Your prayers and posts have hit a home run for the Zman. Bert, got your card again today. Give me a call at the office or on my cell, and I will be more than glad to meet you at the hospital for a visit with Zander. Your prayers have been to say the least, beautiful.
Christie and I want to express our sincerest gratitude and thanks to everyone. Zman still has a way to go, but whatever everyone is doing, please keep doing it. Praise God for our son and his fighting spirit. We love you all.
Sweet dreams boys...Rest easy Zman. Two tubes to go!


Heidi said...

What wonderful news. The pictures of his precious, chubby cheeks are always a highlight in my day. There are still lots of prayers for the ZMan coming from Cincinnati. I hope school is going well for my friends, Houston and Jackson...give them a hug from us.
Much love,
Aunt Heidi and family

Anonymous said...


God is so good and has sure shown his blessings on your family. Prayer works! Only 2 tubes left. I know you all are excited for the Zman. He is a handsome little (or should I say big) fellow. Just wanted to send this comment and let you know that we are praying for your family.

Dale & Gaylynn Smith

Anonymous said...

That is GREAT news..... to see your chubby little face without any tubes.
I believe we r on the right track and all the news will be great. I can't wait to meet u. Tell mommy to give me a call.
Much love

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!! He is good indeed!!!! So glad to hear the wonderful news about Zander! I love the pics. He is soooo cute!! Love to all!

Susan Farr

Maureen said...

Answer: Michael Phelps and Zander Covert.
Question: Name two really strong guys.

So glad to read today's WONDERFUL news!
Couldn't be happier,

Anonymous said...

Rejoicing with you!! You remain in our thoughts and prayers.
The Zieglers

Cecelia said...

Boy what a beautiful baby. We are all so thrilled that the tubes are going away. He looks so peaceful! The third picture on the bottom is a dead ringer for you Clancy! Like father like son. I tried to call your grandma Judi today, will try again another time. I'm so glad that your family has been able to see and hold you so much. The pictures of your mom and dad holding you are priceless! Praise the Lord, the next thing you know you will be coming home. Keeping up the prayers in North Carolina Love Cele and family

Anonymous said...

How precious baby Zander is!! What great news- exactly what we expected!! We love you all and Abby prays for baby Zander every night!!
The Halls

Anonymous said...

Your SWM is just absolutely beautiful and will have many hearts swooning before too long. We are so very pleased for all of you. Rest assured that prayers and good thoughts will continue from all of us. You have been blessed.

Annie, Virginia and Janie

Anonymous said...

8/19/08 Hi There again: We are so happy to see Xander without tubes sticking out of his nose and mouth.I guess that all of our prayers are being heard. So let's keep up the good work. He's a good looking guy, just like his father & great grandpa. We want to thank you Clancy for taking the time to inform us about Xander's progress. We sure wish we could pick him up and give him a big hug & kiss. but that can come later. Please continue to take care of our GREAT Grandson and give our love to is big brothers and his Mommy Love to all of you, G-Gma JoAnn & G-Gpa Jim

Anonymous said...

Go, Zander!!! What great news! I'm praying that the other two tubes are history soon! You would not know what a fight Zander has put up from just looking at the pictures. He looks so well-rested and content. I believe God has held him close this whole time.

Shouts out to the Mullis family. It's a small world on the blog. Dave and I go way back to junior high. I won't say how long ago that's been. :)

God Bless,

Janet Tilley
Hall & Associates

Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful face. I think I saw a smile in that pic. Praise God He continues to show up and show off when comes to Zander. So glad there are only two tubes left. I know it wont be long until there are no tubes.

I hope things are going well in school for Huey and Jackson.

I love you guys give the boys a kiss and hug for me.